Summer Flight

My grandparents were here for a vacation. We took them downtown to Stickey Fingers, a well-known restaurant on Main Street. After that we walked together passed some painting shops along the Reedy River. The paintings were extremely beautiful! There were paintings of lepers, cheetahs, lions, the downtown bridge, flowers and all the things you can imagine!!! I later remembered that I still needed to draw something for my grandmother… why not paint something instead? So the next day I got out a pencil, paint and paintbrushes and started to work on the sketch with my pencil. When I was done with the sketch I started to paint. First I painted the leaves and stems of the flowers. Then I painted the flowers. Next I painted the hummingbirds and lastly the sky. It took a quite while but finally I finished. I still needed to bolden the colors but I decided to keep that for another day because my arms were tired. As I looked at the finished product it gave me a taste of summer! God’s creation is beautiful and there is so much of it we can enjoy!!! I would love to know if you like to paint and what you think of my picture!