My Michigan “Four Wheeler Experience”

Pointing to the "Scene of the Incident"

We are in Michigan for Christmas having a great time. My uncle bought us a Four Wheeler to ride when while here. We have a wonderful time riding it!  My parents always said we could only ride when an adult is outside.
So my sister and I were riding when the front wheel suddenly popped off and the Four Wheeler tipped and flipped sending us flying! It fell on us, the plastic part cracked and the wheel was laying on the ground. My dad who was outside watching us sprinted to help us. We got out from under it, for the most part unhurt, dragged the damaged Four Wheeler into the barn and ran to tell the dramatic story to everyone inside. I am so glad that we are safe.  God really took care of us. My sister has a bruise. I am not hurt,  just sore.

As you all know, I love drama and “make-believe”……so here is the made-up dramatic version of the story (I’m sure you will agree that it sounds much better!):

My sister and I drove 90 miles an hour on the pathway in the woods as a pack of wolves chased us. Though they were as horrid as nothing you have ever seen, I was not in the least afraid. Then a huge wolf knocked the Four Wheeler to the ground. As it lay on my sister I fought the wolves desperately  and bravely with a stick. The force of the mighty blows from the stick sent the wolves running away from me. Then I lifted the Four Wheeler off of my groaning sister and carried her and the Four Wheeler back home without a struggle. I am still recovering from the fierce cuts from the fall.

A video from “after the fall”

A video from “before the fall”