The Lesson of the Flummery

I wrote this story about a recent personal experience that gave me something to think about. I hope you find it entertaining…and inspiring!

FlummeryIt was Wednesday March 6, 2013 and Essi (me!) was hosting a tea party for her family. She decided to make a strawberry flummery (Jell-O/jelly). Carefully she followed the directions to the last quarter of an ounce. She put it into a shiny pot her mother owned and put it on the stove on medium. A few minutes later it started to bubble and eventually it started to smoke! A few times the fire alarm went off and she had to run and wave the smoke away with a towel. Opening the windows, the garage and turning on the fan finally shut the alarm off.

Her dad, alarmed from the sound of the commotion, came out of his makeshift office and asked what was going on. “I am making strawberry flummery!” She explained proudly. “It smells burned.” He said eyeing the pot on the stove. “Oh, I followed the directions carefully and I am sure this is what it is supposed to be doing.” She answered confidently. So he walked back to his computer.

After 10 min. it was ready so she emptied it into a glass bowl. But, oh my! The pot! At the bottom it was black and the edges had burnt strawberry flummery stuck to them! She scrubbed and scrubbed the pot, but it would not come off. Sadly, she called her mother and told her this sob sorry. Her mother told her not to worry and that she would see what she could do when she got home. The flummery had to be thrown out and the pot well…

The recipe was a good one, so what went wrong? Of course, I should have been stirring it the whole time. Same picture with God, he makes us like that shiny pot. But because of sin (or strawberry flummery) we often make it black. But God can make us shiny again if we ask him! Lesson learned!


America – What can I do?

So, after this last election, many wonder what the future holds. Relax, God appointed the person to win that he willed. It may not seem so now, but God might be trying to teach our nation something. Maybe, God will use this person as a “wake-up” call to some people that need Him.

Kids! It may not seem that this should mean much to us and that you cannot do anything. WRONG! You can pray. Every prayer counts! We are the next generation, so this means a lot to our future. So as Christians, we can do our part to help bring America back toward God. In the Bible it says that we need to let our light shine. Lets do that!

Leave me a comment and share with me ways that you think we can let our “light” shine in our country.

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My Amazing Trip to Paris

I had an amazing vacation in September. My dad had a business trip in Paris, so my mom and I decided to tag along. It was amazing, we had so much fun.

First, the food…One day my mom and I had three pastries! My favorite was the “Framboise Tartlet” – it’s a raspberry tart. It had a hard circle crust, pudding with raspberries on top with tons of powdered sugar! Another favorite was the crepe. It’s a French pancake with jelly on the inside.  We had pizza almost every night! You are probably wondering why. Trust me, I thought the same thing the first time we ordered pizza – but I changed my mind after the first bite. It has a very thin crust and the cheese and sauce are SO good! We also had a calzone. It reminds me of a folded pizza. This particular meal came with salad and oil & vinegar to mix your own dressing. When I began to pour the vinegar fruit flies came out with it! This is not a Paris delicacy! Another night we had French Onion Soup. It was the best I have ever had. 

What did I see? On the first day we went to see my dad’s cousin and her family. After that we had dinner in a part of town called the Latin Quarter. It had tons of restaurants and tourist shops. The second day we took the metro to the Arc de Triumph. It was much bigger then I ever imagined. You can climb all the way to the top and get an excellent view of Paris. Not as good as from the Eiffel Tower though! After that we walked down the Champs Élysées, a very long road where parades are held. There are tall trees cut like squares on either side. We walked down the road until we reached the Louvre. This museum is by far the biggest and most impressive I have ever seen! It was used as a prison a long time ago but now holds amazing artifacts and paintings, such as the Mona Lisa. Yes, I actually saw the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci! It is a very small painting of a lady that is protected by bulletproof glass. I found out later that an object from King Tut’s tomb was there as well. After that we went to see the Notre Dame.  This church has amazing stained glass windows. Then we went to the Pantheon. It is a place where some famous people were buried. On the third day we went to see the Eiffel Tower! It was so tall, but we didn’t get to go up until the next day. We stood in line for two hours until we could go up. It was worth it. From the top you could see all of the places we had been, including where Napoleon was buried. After we went up the Eiffel Tower on the fourth day, we went to see Napoleons tomb – it is huge! It was as big as two stacked Honda Odysseys! Inside his remains are divided into six coffins.

After our amazing trip to Paris we took a train to Germany to see our relatives. I was so blessed to go to Paris and Germany and had an amazing time with my mom and dad!

Paris, you have not seen the last of me yet!!!!!!!!  🙂

Paddle Boarding – I love it!

My last post was about horseshoe crabs in Charleston. This post is going to be about paddle boarding. Have you heard of surfing? Well, paddle boarding is similar, but not the same.

It originated in Hawaii in the 1950’s. The Hawaiians call it ” Ku Hoe He’e Nalu” which means, “to stand, to paddle, to surf, a wave.”
It is not clear who invented paddle boarding.

You can paddle while on your knees or you could lay down and paddle with your hands. I think that it is the most fun when you stand up and paddle. It is the best when there are no strong currents or winds and very calm waters. It is very hard to tip a paddle board. You will probably feel like it will tip, but it won’t. Paddle boarding is very relaxing. Our dog likes to lay on the end of the board. You can’t put too much weight in the back or front, or you could tip or fall off.

The first time we rented a paddle board my dad fell off and got stung by a sting ray! That happened when we were trying to both stand up on the board together (don’t try it). Sometimes while my dad paddles I sit behind or in front of him.

I love to paddle board. It feels like you are walking on water! If you would like to know any other facts about paddle boarding let me know!

Have you seen a horseshoe crab?

Have you gone to the beach yet this summer? Well I did jut a week ago for five days. We saw a lot of beautiful shells. We also saw 7 horseshoe crabs! After we left Charleston I decided to do some research on them.

The first horseshoe crab I found I flipped over. It has little legs underneath the shell. Horseshoe crabs are not dangerous but handle them gently if you find one. You may have heard that the horseshoe crab may hurt you with its tail but it is only used as a rudder to guide the crab through mud. It has two visible eyes on the top of its head (my sister said that she saw it blink); it can only see three feet away.In the 1900s horseshoe crabs were used as fertilizer after they had been dried. I read that the Red Knot bird is a main predator to the eggs. However this bird may become extinct. The predators of the adults are mainly sharks, large sea birds and large fish. Horseshoe crabs are actually not crabs, they are related to the sea-spider. There mouth is underneath their shell in the center of its ten legs.

I am thankful that I was able to see so many of these interesting animals! If you have any questions let me know, I also would love to know if you have ever seen a horseshoe crab!

My Michigan “Four Wheeler Experience”

Pointing to the "Scene of the Incident"

We are in Michigan for Christmas having a great time. My uncle bought us a Four Wheeler to ride when while here. We have a wonderful time riding it!  My parents always said we could only ride when an adult is outside.
So my sister and I were riding when the front wheel suddenly popped off and the Four Wheeler tipped and flipped sending us flying! It fell on us, the plastic part cracked and the wheel was laying on the ground. My dad who was outside watching us sprinted to help us. We got out from under it, for the most part unhurt, dragged the damaged Four Wheeler into the barn and ran to tell the dramatic story to everyone inside. I am so glad that we are safe.  God really took care of us. My sister has a bruise. I am not hurt,  just sore.

As you all know, I love drama and “make-believe”……so here is the made-up dramatic version of the story (I’m sure you will agree that it sounds much better!):

My sister and I drove 90 miles an hour on the pathway in the woods as a pack of wolves chased us. Though they were as horrid as nothing you have ever seen, I was not in the least afraid. Then a huge wolf knocked the Four Wheeler to the ground. As it lay on my sister I fought the wolves desperately  and bravely with a stick. The force of the mighty blows from the stick sent the wolves running away from me. Then I lifted the Four Wheeler off of my groaning sister and carried her and the Four Wheeler back home without a struggle. I am still recovering from the fierce cuts from the fall.

A video from “after the fall”

A video from “before the fall”

Visit to Roper Mountain Science Center

I went to the Roper Mountain Science Museum in Greenville. It was AMAZING, I loved it! I got to do a lot of interesting things like hold a Black Rat snake. I wasn’t too thrilled at first! The Black Rat snake is cold-blooded like all snakes.

The name of the snake I held was Pepper. The snake I held was a special Black Rat snake because it had a bit of white on its stomach which is unusual because they are usually all black. I held other snakes like the Corn snake, Ball Python, etc. I saw a common Green Iguana. It eats fruits and vegetables. Its long tail is used as a whip to frighten predators. I also held a White Lipped tree frog. It was sticky and a good-sized frog, though not huge. It jumped right out of my hands!

 After we were done looking, touching and holding these fascinating animals we went to a room where a man was talking about bees. Wild bees live in empty dark places like caves. If the bees have too much space they will make extra honey. They eat pollen and nectar in order to make honey. Typical nests have 1,000 workers, 100-200 males and only one queen! The queen has a scent that only her colony can sense. The worker bees groom the queen. Though the queen is called a queen she never makes any decisions, she just lays thousands of eggs! The nest is kept at 90 degrees year around!!

When we were done learning about bees we went outside where I went to the last one room school-house in Greenville County built in 1838! The kids went to school only in the winter from November to the last day of March. They went to school from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. They spent a whole hour on cursive! Teachers used the Bible as the main book because that was one of the few books all families had. The punishment for a boy who talked in class was that he had to wear a bonnet and sit with the girls!! We got to go see a lot of other very interesting things…like going to the Planetarium where we learned about the stars and planets. In Psalm 107:4 it says that God named each and every star in the sky!! It was amazing to see God through all of this!!

I really hope you enjoy the pictures. If you want more information on the Roper Mountain Science Center the following is a link to their website:


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