The Lesson of the Flummery

I wrote this story about a recent personal experience that gave me something to think about. I hope you find it entertaining…and inspiring!

FlummeryIt was Wednesday March 6, 2013 and Essi (me!) was hosting a tea party for her family. She decided to make a strawberry flummery (Jell-O/jelly). Carefully she followed the directions to the last quarter of an ounce. She put it into a shiny pot her mother owned and put it on the stove on medium. A few minutes later it started to bubble and eventually it started to smoke! A few times the fire alarm went off and she had to run and wave the smoke away with a towel. Opening the windows, the garage and turning on the fan finally shut the alarm off.

Her dad, alarmed from the sound of the commotion, came out of his makeshift office and asked what was going on. “I am making strawberry flummery!” She explained proudly. “It smells burned.” He said eyeing the pot on the stove. “Oh, I followed the directions carefully and I am sure this is what it is supposed to be doing.” She answered confidently. So he walked back to his computer.

After 10 min. it was ready so she emptied it into a glass bowl. But, oh my! The pot! At the bottom it was black and the edges had burnt strawberry flummery stuck to them! She scrubbed and scrubbed the pot, but it would not come off. Sadly, she called her mother and told her this sob sorry. Her mother told her not to worry and that she would see what she could do when she got home. The flummery had to be thrown out and the pot well…

The recipe was a good one, so what went wrong? Of course, I should have been stirring it the whole time. Same picture with God, he makes us like that shiny pot. But because of sin (or strawberry flummery) we often make it black. But God can make us shiny again if we ask him! Lesson learned!


Crazy Hair – with “Be Funky” App

I had so much fun on Sunday before lunch playing with one of the apps on my dad’s iPad. It is called “Be Funky.” You take a picture of yourself and it has all kinds of effects and ways to edit it. Well I came up with a few “funky” hair ideas! I put the iPad on the table, stood over it and let my hair hang. Sometimes I put it in a pony tail, or in a half pony tail. Let me know some of your “crazy” hair ideas!