“For Freedom” (Book Review)

Author: Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers


Cover of "For Freedom: The Story of a Fre...

Suzanne, a thirteen yearn old girl, is caught up in World War 2. She is strong and refuses to let her sorrow show, even though she has lost her best friend. Suzanne’s passion is opera and she has a beautiful voice. Although she is a regular school girl, she wants to be older to be able to perform……until, the doctor speaks to her about something that…”you can’t tell anyone Suzanne, not even your parents” and , “you can’t back out once you accept.” Once her consent is given, she wants to look like a school girl to the Nazis.  Am I  looking suspicious? Why is everybody watching me? Why are Nazis everywhere? All of these things are running through her mind. As danger increases around her, Suzanne realizes that not everyone can be trusted. Find out what she has become in, “For Freedom.”

Points to Consider: This book is a young adult book. It is very dramatic, and contains some graphic war scenes.

Score: I give it a definite 5 stars.

My Amazing Trip to Paris

I had an amazing vacation in September. My dad had a business trip in Paris, so my mom and I decided to tag along. It was amazing, we had so much fun.

First, the food…One day my mom and I had three pastries! My favorite was the “Framboise Tartlet” – it’s a raspberry tart. It had a hard circle crust, pudding with raspberries on top with tons of powdered sugar! Another favorite was the crepe. It’s a French pancake with jelly on the inside.  We had pizza almost every night! You are probably wondering why. Trust me, I thought the same thing the first time we ordered pizza – but I changed my mind after the first bite. It has a very thin crust and the cheese and sauce are SO good! We also had a calzone. It reminds me of a folded pizza. This particular meal came with salad and oil & vinegar to mix your own dressing. When I began to pour the vinegar fruit flies came out with it! This is not a Paris delicacy! Another night we had French Onion Soup. It was the best I have ever had. 

What did I see? On the first day we went to see my dad’s cousin and her family. After that we had dinner in a part of town called the Latin Quarter. It had tons of restaurants and tourist shops. The second day we took the metro to the Arc de Triumph. It was much bigger then I ever imagined. You can climb all the way to the top and get an excellent view of Paris. Not as good as from the Eiffel Tower though! After that we walked down the Champs Élysées, a very long road where parades are held. There are tall trees cut like squares on either side. We walked down the road until we reached the Louvre. This museum is by far the biggest and most impressive I have ever seen! It was used as a prison a long time ago but now holds amazing artifacts and paintings, such as the Mona Lisa. Yes, I actually saw the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci! It is a very small painting of a lady that is protected by bulletproof glass. I found out later that an object from King Tut’s tomb was there as well. After that we went to see the Notre Dame.  This church has amazing stained glass windows. Then we went to the Pantheon. It is a place where some famous people were buried. On the third day we went to see the Eiffel Tower! It was so tall, but we didn’t get to go up until the next day. We stood in line for two hours until we could go up. It was worth it. From the top you could see all of the places we had been, including where Napoleon was buried. After we went up the Eiffel Tower on the fourth day, we went to see Napoleons tomb – it is huge! It was as big as two stacked Honda Odysseys! Inside his remains are divided into six coffins.

After our amazing trip to Paris we took a train to Germany to see our relatives. I was so blessed to go to Paris and Germany and had an amazing time with my mom and dad!

Paris, you have not seen the last of me yet!!!!!!!!  🙂

The Battle of Aiken

Last Friday I got up at six’ o’clock because I went to a war re-enactment in Aiken SC, It was fun. We went with some friends from church. The drive there was two hours long, but time flew by. There was really a battle in Aiken in the year 1865. The battle lasted from February 10th to February 14th. The war was between the Union and the Confederates. The Confederates lost thirty-one of their people and the Union lost fifty-three.

First we went to some shops where I learned about cameos. Cameos are special ladies carved into a shell that could be turned into earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings. Some cameos were lockets, when the men went out to war the ladies would put some of their hair inside it as a remembrance of themselves. We talked with ladies that were dressed in colonial dresses that had six layers.

The war itself was not too realistic because they had to save most of their gunpowder for Saturday, the real thing. The food was so good. We got to eat a funnel cake and homemade ice cream! I am thankful to God for this day. If you go I would recommend going on Saturday instead of Friday. The battle scene will probably be more realistic. For more info click on this link: http://battleofaiken.org/

battle of aiken