Bleach Pen Art

Hello Everyone! Here’s a fun craft for the summer – decorating a shirt or towel. The following are detailed instructions to help you make one…and wear your own art.

photo 1-1


  • Bleach pen (I paid $1.50 at Target)
  • 1 shirt (approx. $3.15 at Wall Mart) Best with a dark color!
  • Stencil/optional

How to do it:

  1. First you should probably practice on an old shirt or towel, make sure to put a piece of cardboard underneath it!
  2. Lay the stencil on the shirt that you chose. I taped the stencil onto the shirt so it wouldn’t move. Then you take your bleach pen and go over your stencil. If you don’t have a stencil when you apply the bleach make sure you have a bleach pen with a point like a pen so you can draw something creative.
  3. photo 2-2After you have thoroughly applied the bleach, set it aside to lighten. Leave the stencil on it while it dries. You may have to put a second coat of bleach on your patterned design.
  4. When you have applied the bleach let it sit for about an hour and a half. Then wash it so it can completely settle.
  5. Have fun with this and unleash your creativity!! 🙂


  • I suggest doing it outside because the bleach is bad to breath in.
  • Don’t leave the bleach on to long or it can eat away the fabric. Wash it within an hour and a half as written above.
  • photo 3Wash your hands right away if bleach gets onto your hand. For extra precaution wear plastic gloves.
  • You can really add your own spice to this craft…I added little eyes and a few bleach flowers next to the owl. Let me know how it goes!

Easter Rocks

Let me tell you about something we did for the time this Easter…..instead of painting Easter eggs we painted “Easter rocks.” Here’s how…I painted the solid color first than waited for it to dry. When it dried I painted some kind of picture that went along with Easter or spring. I painted flowers, a faun and a branch with a nest on it. On one I painted Jesus’ hands after he was crucified. My dad liked this one so much I made one for his desk. We often forget the real meaning of Easter, that Jesus loved us so much that he died for us and rose again! Happy belated Easter!

Summer Flight

My grandparents were here for a vacation. We took them downtown to Stickey Fingers, a well-known restaurant on Main Street. After that we walked together passed some painting shops along the Reedy River. The paintings were extremely beautiful! There were paintings of lepers, cheetahs, lions, the downtown bridge, flowers and all the things you can imagine!!! I later remembered that I still needed to draw something for my grandmother… why not paint something instead? So the next day I got out a pencil, paint and paintbrushes and started to work on the sketch with my pencil. When I was done with the sketch I started to paint. First I painted the leaves and stems of the flowers. Then I painted the flowers. Next I painted the hummingbirds and lastly the sky. It took a quite while but finally I finished. I still needed to bolden the colors but I decided to keep that for another day because my arms were tired. As I looked at the finished product it gave me a taste of summer! God’s creation is beautiful and there is so much of it we can enjoy!!! I would love to know if you like to paint and what you think of my picture!