Visit to Roper Mountain Science Center

I went to the Roper Mountain Science Museum in Greenville. It was AMAZING, I loved it! I got to do a lot of interesting things like hold a Black Rat snake. I wasn’t too thrilled at first! The Black Rat snake is cold-blooded like all snakes.

The name of the snake I held was Pepper. The snake I held was a special Black Rat snake because it had a bit of white on its stomach which is unusual because they are usually all black. I held other snakes like the Corn snake, Ball Python, etc. I saw a common Green Iguana. It eats fruits and vegetables. Its long tail is used as a whip to frighten predators. I also held a White Lipped tree frog. It was sticky and a good-sized frog, though not huge. It jumped right out of my hands!

 After we were done looking, touching and holding these fascinating animals we went to a room where a man was talking about bees. Wild bees live in empty dark places like caves. If the bees have too much space they will make extra honey. They eat pollen and nectar in order to make honey. Typical nests have 1,000 workers, 100-200 males and only one queen! The queen has a scent that only her colony can sense. The worker bees groom the queen. Though the queen is called a queen she never makes any decisions, she just lays thousands of eggs! The nest is kept at 90 degrees year around!!

When we were done learning about bees we went outside where I went to the last one room school-house in Greenville County built in 1838! The kids went to school only in the winter from November to the last day of March. They went to school from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. They spent a whole hour on cursive! Teachers used the Bible as the main book because that was one of the few books all families had. The punishment for a boy who talked in class was that he had to wear a bonnet and sit with the girls!! We got to go see a lot of other very interesting things…like going to the Planetarium where we learned about the stars and planets. In Psalm 107:4 it says that God named each and every star in the sky!! It was amazing to see God through all of this!!

I really hope you enjoy the pictures. If you want more information on the Roper Mountain Science Center the following is a link to their website: