Paddle Boarding – I love it!

My last post was about horseshoe crabs in Charleston. This post is going to be about paddle boarding. Have you heard of surfing? Well, paddle boarding is similar, but not the same.

It originated in Hawaii in the 1950’s. The Hawaiians call it ” Ku Hoe He’e Nalu” which means, “to stand, to paddle, to surf, a wave.”
It is not clear who invented paddle boarding.

You can paddle while on your knees or you could lay down and paddle with your hands. I think that it is the most fun when you stand up and paddle. It is the best when there are no strong currents or winds and very calm waters. It is very hard to tip a paddle board. You will probably feel like it will tip, but it won’t. Paddle boarding is very relaxing. Our dog likes to lay on the end of the board. You can’t put too much weight in the back or front, or you could tip or fall off.

The first time we rented a paddle board my dad fell off and got stung by a sting ray! That happened when we were trying to both stand up on the board together (don’t try it). Sometimes while my dad paddles I sit behind or in front of him.

I love to paddle board. It feels like you are walking on water! If you would like to know any other facts about paddle boarding let me know!